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Dear Amy,
Sorry it's been awhile; it's been really hectic. The big news, as you've probably figured out by the stamp, is that I'm in England. I got here about a week ago on one of those endless overnight flights. I'm still too cheap to fly first class, so I was crammed into row 42 with four drunken frat boys from Cornell and a screaming baby in front of me.

England is beautiful, even in late winter. So far the weather's been okay and I've been able to do a lot of exploring. Simon and I spent a few days in London as tourists—we saw Westminster Abby, the Tower, the V&A—and had a great time. (They had some wonderful images of 11th century nuns at the British Museum). Simon's been great (or "brilliant" as they say here). I really think he's the most caring, sensitive man I’ve ever known. I haven't met any of his family yet, 'though there are rumors of a visit from his father.

We're staying in an old house on the downs. The nearest villages, each about two miles away, are Upper and Lower Puckering. Odd little places. The house is called Stoney Grove and is a massive pile of masonry on   hundreds of acres of land. There's a lake, the remnants of an orchard and garden and lots of walking paths, although it's all somewhat run down.

So, how's life in the sunny Caribbean? Are you not writing because you've got too much material to review and make sense of, or because you're too busy playing? Let me guess… Not much risk of men in bikinis here at the moment, which is a relief, since most of the men I've seen (except Simon) are definitely not the bikini type. But I suppose they're the same ones who go on vacation to the West Indies and whip out their Speedos. Lucky you!

So—that's it for now. Be good, work hard, and write soon.


P.S. You can reach me at the address above. Did  I mention we bought the place?

P.P.S. I stuck in a few newspaper articles for you.

Newspaper Clippings