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Warm Welcome Too?

When the great treasures of England are not sold abroad it seems we find the grasping fingers of foreigners among us here. The sale of the great house at Stoney Grove is a national disgrace and the fact that its occupants are American and unmarried speaks much to the moral decay of this nation. That this gem of England’s glorious past should be snatched by chance at least suggests that fate’s capricious hand may yet have the final word, and that England may reclaim her own.

Nigel Morcombe
The Nook
, Upper Puckering

Art at What Price?

If we feel free to sacrificed defenseless animals in the name of art, what kind of society have we become?  Both Mr. Worthington and the purchaser of his so-called painting should be ashamed of themselves!

Louise Cobham
146 Robin Road,Upper Puckering

Warm Welcome

How wonderful to welcome new owners to Stoney Grove, a house so closely associated with the village that we think of it as our own. Modern times are reflected in the partnership of Simon and Ann upon whom fortune has shone. The challenge of their old house must surely bring them together. We hope that the house will teem with new life and that their future together will be conjoined with our own through associations with the village and church. Let us share their good fortune and welcome them warmly.

Ian Wilkins
12 Arundel Close, Lower Puckering