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The Quiet of the Countryside

Whilst I welcome the number of visitors who have graced our small village, the increase in traffic has consequences for our small spot in the world. Unacceptably adding to the congestion of the High Street has been the recent  appearance of a noisy motorcycle. We should let these supposed "Hells Angels" know that they are not welcome in this village.

Nigel Morcombe
The Nook, Upper Puckering

Free Jerry Anderson!

Is a year and a day of a man's life really comparable to the loss of a desk, a vase or an old painting?  Wake up, Britain, and cast off the bourgeoisie mantle of law and order. Did not the great John Lennon sing "Imagine no possessions...?"

Arthur 'Red' Covers
The Kremlin, Railway Lane, Lower Puckering


Whilst I thank the Puckering Gazette for its gracious coverage of the cricket game at Stoney Grove, I was very disappointed to see my name spelt wrong three times.

It's Tinsley, Simon Tinsley.

Simon Tinsley
Stoney Grove.

(Editors note. The Gazette has checked its records and apologises to Mr. Tinsley for the mistake.)