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The Puckering Gazette has ceased publication for the immediate future. 
The article below was from the last edition.

Puckering Paper Published No More
(from Volume XXXII, No. 33 Saturday, October 2, 1999
After nearly 100 years of covering local, national and international news, the editor is sad to announce that this will be the last issue of the Puckering Gazette in the foreseeable future. Founded in 1898 by the very late Nigel E. Twicks, the current editor's great grandfather, the paper has served the community in war and peace, adversity and prosperity.  Over the last five years, competition from other news sources, including electronic media, have significantly affected the profitability of the paper. The newspaper does not bring in enough revenue to pay for costs, and with the loss of talented reporter and writer Lumpy Gaites (see Puckering Profiles) the editor is unable to continue alone.  Unless a new owner is found it seems likely that Puckering will permanently lose its only local newspaper. --Nigel Twicks