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Hey Annie,

I’ve been to St. Kitts (I hit up Aunt Meredith for the fare). Not much of interest there in the end--most of what I need was shipped to England before Independence. I heard that on Statia a group of soldiers in the 18th century used their archive for toilet paper! At least my luck isn’t that bad! So, between your invitation (thank you!) and my need to visit the library, it looks like I may be stopping by your neck of the woods sooner rather than later. Let me know when you think it would be a good time for me to come.

I took the ferry over to Nevis while I was away. You’ll never guess what I found--another Stoney Grove!! Now it’s just another "suburb" of town with a cricket stadium, a school and some houses, but supposedly it was named for a sugar plantation. I wonder if your house has any connection? Maybe they had a second house in the West Indies? That would be wild!

Hope all’s well with you and Simon, and that you’ve stopped seeing ghosts (or rather NOT seeing them) and started seeing family members. Hope the help is friendlier too. Be good.

Love ya,


P.S. I know it’s a strange request, but could you send me some olives? I’ve been craving them for weeks and can’t get any here. Thanks!