Dearest Simon,

    I've tried to call several times but the phone is always busy.   I hope nothing is wrong.  I miss you very much.  Still, I'm managing to enjoy my trip none-the-less :)

  It is impossible not to--Tuscany is beautiful and the art is amazing.  I visited Siena today (saw St. Catherine's head) and am off to Florence tomorrow.  I'm staying in a beautiful little villa--the Villa Riodi-- on the outskirts of Volterra.  It is quite reasonable and has wonderful views of the countryside.  I've been spending much more money than I should, but it has been fun! Still, I feel somewhat guilty thinking about St. Clare's virtue of poverty. 

My flight gets into Gatwick at 11:30 on Tuesday morning, and I should be back home by early afternoon.

I keep thinking about what you said to me at the airport--it was very sweet.  We need to plan a holiday together soon--I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages about anything but the house.  Hope it is still standing.  I'm looking forward to seeing you soon...

Love you,


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