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Amy's Postcard
Dear Mr. Tinsley,

Included you will find the bill for twelve hundred pounds for the installation of the Minerva Satellite system and a year's premium service. We hope you will get many years of viewing pleasure from the dish.  Our engineer advises that you should cut down some of the larger trees around your house as they may interfere with your reception.

"Knowledge Through the Telly" 

Dear Mr. Tinsley

Thank you for the opportunity of looking at your wonderful house. You clearly would benefit from our expertise, and as we discussed, I think that some repairs should be made as soon as possible. The start of the English summer suggests that we can hold on the heating system, but we clearly need to address the leaking windows and the masonry repairs.

Hepplewaites would be pleased to serve as your general contractor for these tasks.  You will see from our references that we have experience in this area and all repairs will be made sympathetically and with period techniques and materials. Good workmanship, as you know, does not come cheaply, and I include an itemised estimate of thirty six thousand pounds for this first phase of work.

Hepplewaites - Holding Heritage Together.

Dear Mr. Tinsley

Your order of the Big Bertha cricket bat has been processed and will be shipped to you next week. Unfortunately, the box you ordered is out of stock and we are sending 'The Safe' in its place.

To whom it may concern,

I am disappointed not to have received your cheque yet. There must be some mistake. I still need the money. Please send it as soon as possible.

Roderick Dinnell