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Amy's Postcard
Dear Miss Simmons,

I recently found your name among my uncle Roderick's papers and am writing to apologise for any trouble he may have caused you.  He's really quite harmless, and is a sweet, gentle man when he's on his medication.  I do hope you understand that he means you no harm, but can be a bit stubborn when he has an idea in his head.

James Dinnell

Dear Ann,
     Thank you so much for a lovely morning.  It was a great pleasure to talk to you about Stoney Grove and to have a chance to learn more about your interests.  If it is convenient with you, I could begin my investigations of the house within the next few days.  I'm keen to start in as soon as possible.
      It has been years since I've found someone with such a depth of knowledge about medieval history, and I quite enjoyed debating the finer points of  Fransiscan theology with you.  Might we do it again sometime soon?

With all best wishes,


Dear Ann,
     Thanks for your note.  I'll send the details of the job to you within the next few days.  It sounds ideal --low course load, lots of research money, and a real interest in broadening scholarship informed by gender within the department.  I know you are "just looking" but give it some thought.


Dear Simon

Hello, how are you? I heard you were back in England. Someone said you were now a Squire! What's all that about? We obviously need to meet for a drink, it's been too long boy. As usual life is a bit complicated here. I'm seeing two men right now and it's all getting a bit muddled, but you know what that's like!

Give me a call and maybe we can meet in London for a drink

Love Jackie