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The Church and Alcohol

That the church is considering the sponsorship of beer for the purposes of financial gain is sure sign or the coming Armageddon. With drunkenness and immoral behavior becoming the norm, the church should be a bastion of moral virtue rather than an advocate of a societal decay. We have all seen the Reverend in the pub sneaking a half and it is time to cast out the sinners and establish a drink-free village.

Jim Smith,
Area President,Men Against Beer (MAB)

Best Village

With the upcoming best kept village competition we should all be striving to ensure that the village sites be kept clean for the judges. Puckering has seen an increasing number of visitors in recent weeks from all over the world. I would ask them and our very own residents to report any problems that they see especially with open spaces. I should add that Puckering is very pleased to see the many new faces that have been visiting our little spot of England.

Mr. Nigel Amberly
18 Rook's Haven, Upper Puckering

Cruelty Again

Once again the Gazette has given coverage to acts of senseless violence against defenseless animals.  First it was a hapless fish, then a poor creature whose only crime was to cross the path of a violent old woman in a public place. Where will it end? The editorial staff of the Gazette should be ashamed of their role in promoting such cruelty.

Louise Cobham
146 Robin Road,Upper Puckering

Hermit or Capitalist Lackey?

Frank Churchill's so-called profession as hermit is an insult to the working class of this country. He is clearly a tool of capitalist ideologues. That he can be employed as a do-nothing thinker, whilst millions are mired in abject poverty for want of productive work is a clear indictment of the capitalist system. In a sensible world Frank would be meaningfully employed, not the lackey of the monied classes.

The owners of Stoney Grove should free this man of his 'fake' job and look to contribute meaningfully to the local economy.

Arthur 'Red' Covers
The Kremlin, Railway Lane, Lower Puckering