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Final Innings at Puckering?
Puckering was forced to concede its latest game against New Celand after failing to come up with enough players to field a team. It was decided not to make up the numbers with Mrs. Gaites who had come in to make the teas, even though her leg spin was renowed in her youth on ladies cricket day.

Nigel Morcombe was despondent over the outcome. "There has been a village cricket team at Puckering for over a hundred and twenty years and probably more. Nowdays a lot of the villagers work all week in London and want to spend time at the weekend with their families. They have no commitment to the village way of life. Everyone want to play golf . We're desperate for players. We'd take any one with two legs and arms."

(Editor's note: and evidently a middle stump!)

When pressed about the viabilty of the club, he said that it was actually in debt and if the team folded all members would be obligated to pay several hundred pounds to clear debts.  "We really can't afford to close." --Lumpy Gaites

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