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And the Friars Habit...

I would like to propose the following names for the new beer:
Nun's Habit
Friar's Tuck.


N. Andrew Wickham
28 Freeman Close, Upper Puckering

God the Avenger?

"Zap" the Queen? Destroy the House of Commons?   Are these the acts  of some international terrorist? No Puckering, this is what a caring God should do, if you take your lead from Upper Puckering Parish Church vicar Nigel Banks.  For myself, I prefer to spend my Sunday mornings with a kinder Creator, and my money elsewhere.

Mrs. Nigel Morcombe
The Nook, Uppper Puckering

A Heady Mix

Dear Sirs:
As a regular denizen of the Village Idiot, I am well acquainted with the quality victuals and fine libations which have put our little pub on the map. I have been know to tip a pint with the Reverend Banks, and we have downed our share of bangers and beans.

My suggestion for a name for the new brew to support the restoration of the church is in honor of the Reverend and the favorite sport of our Tuesday night gang at the Idiot. I recommend that the new name for the beer be TheFlatulent Friar.

Thank you for your kind consideration of this suggestion.

Leslie Moore, 9B, Berkmar Lane
Lower Puckering

Gazette - Anti-Animal

Hear, hear, Mrs. Cobham! It's about time someone took on the anti-animal media! How would the editors of the Gazette like to be hounded by rabid weasels or smashed up against the wall of a public loo by Mrs. Morcombe's handbag? To some of us that sounds like a wonderful suggestion. Where is the responsible pro-animal coverage that Puckering deserves? It is surely not from the Gazette! Three cheers for Louise Cobham!

Nigel Barksley
Animal Rights Friendship Society (ARFS), Upper Puckering

(See Full Beer Name Offerings Here - Editor)

Defaced but Chaste?

Through the grace of God, St. Christina survived being torched in a furnace for 5 days, so if the patrons of your pub, through the grace of God, can survive 5 Flaming Monks, perhaps a pint of St. Christina Ale  could be their
"heavenly" reward.  Or you could name it "The Burning Nun."
     If this isn't quite what you were after, there are many nice, gory stories associated with Sainthood that might assist you in finding a solid brew name with a monastic bent.  Antiquity seems to have been especially harsh on women who refused to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh.   Must be a good name in there somewhere..."The Toasting Tease?"   "Defaced but Chaste?" 
Best of luck.

T. David Truckle
1 Bulldog Chase, Lower Puckering

A Spirit of Redemption?

I take this opportunity to offer my recommendation for a name for the new beer to be sold at the Village Idiot. In light of the restorative cause of the fundraiser, and the heady nature of Friary Ales' fine products, I believe a suitable name for the new products would be Redeeming Spirit. Image sitting down to a half-pint of Redeeming Spirit ... Now if only they could bottle it.

Thank you for your consideration.
Your most humble servant,

Fr. McGintus Hoole
Church of St. Horton of Who
Upper Low Street, East Imbiben