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99 not out - A Fine Innings.

How sad that the birthday of the Queen Mother should pass without note from our local paper. This graceful lady has stood along with England throughout the century and it seems very shabby that the Puckering Gazette should not have marked this tremendous celebration of English life.

Nigel Morcombe
The Nook, Upper Puckering

Death, fire, pestilence etc.

There'll be death, and there'll be fire and partings and pestilence. I've seen it before until those heathens made me move away. But I told them, you're all lice, I said. And no good will come of it. Storms, strange piles of litter, it's all the same and we would do well to heed the warnings.

Eva Bailey
No address given


Editor's Note:  If Miss Bailey and Mr. Pinks would kindly send an address to Letters, c/o Nigel Twicks, The Puckering Gazette, Upper Puckering, we will be certain to include them in the forthcoming issue.


Beer Competition Fixed

The recent 'Name the Beer' competition at the Village Idiot is nothing but an empty sham. My entry, 'The Gay Vicar' wasn't even listed and I can't think of anything that is more apropos re. ecclesiastical bent. Plus I know several people that voted twice! The whole thing is fixed and I'll continue to drink only 'Flaming Monk'.

Elliot Pinks
Lower Puckering