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The Rawlins Family
Compiled by Tia Hamilton, edited and annotated by Emma Knytleigh
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Rawlins Family
Home was Thaxted, Essex, England

Edmund Rawlins d.1703, third son of George Rawlins, to Nevis 1674,
established Stoney Grove as sugar plantation by 1677

A. Edmund II b.1676-d.1719 (inherits Stoney Grove in 1703), eldest son        
B. George b.1699-d.1757 (inherits Stoney Grove in 1719, inherits Hundley Hall in 1750), second son                        
Marries Priscilla Worthington of Nevis in 1727
      1. Edmund III b.1730-d. 1780 (inherits Stoney Grove in 1757), eldest son, buried on             Nevis
          Marries Meredith Poole (b.1735-d.1770) in 1757
                a. George II b.1758-d.1800 (inherits Stoney Grove 1780), lives at Hundley                      Hall   in Thaxted, no issueGeorge Rawlins

      b. Thomas b. 1762-d. 1796

       c. James b. 1765-d.1766

       d. James b.1768-d. 1833 (inherits Stoney Grove in 1805)
            Marries Elizabeth in 1789 (b.1769-d.1814)
                   i. Edmund b.1790-d.1836

                   ii. Elizabeth b.1794-d.1854

                  iii. Rachel b.1797-d.1803

                   iv. George b.1801-d.1881

                    v. Henry b.1804-1875 (inherits Stoney Grove in 1833, sells in                          1840s)