Isn't the Internet marvelous? House of God everywhere and all that. Still, for some ceremonies it is nice that we gather together. Since you had mentioned August (or was that Ann?) I wanted you to know that the church can get very busy at that time of year. In fact I already have several weddings during the month.

So if you are still considering late summer, may I suggest it might be wise to settle on a weekend so we can go ahead and post the bans? Though I feel I know you both well, I would still like to go ahead and meet a few times before the wedding. Even couples who have got to know each other very well prior to marriage may find there are some issues that they have not addressed.

Sure you heard the news about the church tower. Such a relief to know that thanks to this, and the kind donations of  people like you, we will be able to complete the restoration of the church. Bless you both.

Rev. Banks

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