To: Simon Tinsley, Executive Director, Stoney Grove Trust
From: Philip Porkridge, Chief Accountant, Stoney Grove Trust

Actually we went for a week in Majorca. It was OK, but it was bloody hot. We spent most of the time at the hotel - well with your honeymoon you don't want to do too much, do you? Not that we did too much of that either, because Caroline couldn't bear to be touched after she got sunburn on the second day. Come to think of it I think she still has sunburn! She spent the middle of the holiday lying in a darkened room with a wet towel over her face. Still I did find this English pub that had Satellite TV, so it wasn't a total disaster. To be fair Caroline got better. The last few days were quite fun. We met another couple and spent the nights sucking on those funny drinks with fruit and umbrellas. The first night I didn't realize they were alcoholic. I started at the table, spent a truly embarrassing moment on the table, and finished up under it.

Happy days.


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