To: Simon Tinsley, Executive Director, Stoney Grove Trust
From: Philip Porkridge, Chief Accountant, Stoney Grove Trust

re: Stag Night

Everything is under control. I have some experience in these things you know, having been married myself, though, of course you were not present for my stag do. Bottom line is you will leave the event so drunk youíll not remember what happened and everyone there will be able to give you grief about it for the rest of your life.

By the way, I think the tradition now is to have it a week before the wedding so you have time to recover.

On a business note-- I really think that the Stoney Grove Trust needs to meet again. I know that I have no idea when the filming will finish and I think I speak for others who are rarely heard. Also we need to discuss what impact the Foot and Mouth has had on our visitation and whether the new renovations will impact tours. I know Frank has been in charge of the volunteer guides but maybe we should go to a more professional staff. Really, the old dears often have to be helped around the rooms by the visitors, Mrs. Kellinger spends the whole time complaining about her feet, and last week Frank got in a yelling match with one of his voices. And has anyone updated the web site with the new information about the house and family?

I know youíve had a lot on your mind but as I said to Evelyn, itís a business now, not just a home. Sorry to be blunt but I felt I had to say it. I would have come over in person but I was worried your mother was still here.

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