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Hello! It’s been donkey’s years, hasn’t it? Well don’t hover at the door! Come on in and sit yourself down. Kettle’s on, it’ll just be a minute.

Quiet around here today. Been quietish all week, really, with Mr. Tinsley gone. Oh yes, he’s off again, run down to the Caribbean with his tail between his legs trying to make light of his bumbling. The Gazette really raked the lot of ‘em over the coals, and made him look worse than most. Now I’m not saying I have a moment’s time to waste on him, he’s made his own bed, as they say, but I don’t think he’s been trying to swindle Miss Ann. He does care for her, you know, in his own way. He sulked for months after she left, and only really perked up after his first trip down to see her. I wish him luck, I do. I know how it is to be on the outs with the Old Pot and Pan. Glad that’s sorted. 

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of John since we came home. I learned my lesson with him, I did. I’ll not say a bad word if he runs off and marries that Emma. I’ll even be her bleeding matron of honour if it makes the lad happy. Family is important you know. That’s what really matters.

Martin?  He's out weeding the turnips.  Has high hopes for that lot this fall. Silly fool.

John's future’s a bit worrying, isn't it? I think he ought to press for his rightful inheritance, if you follow me. Now I know his granddad never acknowledged him properly, but you know, he did do his bit. Can’t say what exactly he did, him not wanting it to be public knowledge and all, but I’m thinking since he did "make provisions" so to speak, that must mean something legally if John was to pursue it. I think it’s only right that he should get at least part of the house. I mean, it’s in his blood. And it’s not like Frank wants it. Nice man, but he’s always been a bit queer in the head. Must be the Blake blood. Monty was always more of a Hall.

Now why’s that darn kettle not boiled yet? Sit tight and I’ll be back …Oh, never mind, there it is. I’ll just pop out and fix it, shall I?

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