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Hey Annie,

Antigua was great! We sailed, snorkeled, went to a few bars (not too many!) and rented a car and drove around the island for a day. You have to come visit and see this stuff— lots of windmill ruins and old buildings and broken-down walls—just the kind of place you’d love.

Sorry to hear about the old guy. I guess when you live in an old house, you must get used to the idea of people having died there, but you still don’t expect them to keel over in your dining room. Glad to hear that Simon didn’t join him. No, seriously, I’m glad he’s better.

So, Tia was able to help? Cool. She goes to England once or twice a year, and I told her to look you up the next time she’s over there. I’m definitely on for October. It’s pretty quiet around here at that time of year. Thanks for extending the invite to James. We’re going to take you up on it. He’s psyched. We're thinking of coming for 3 weeks.  I want to look into booking some tickets—where should we fly in to?

Hope you’re keeping the ‘cream tea’ set in line. Cheerio.