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Hi Honey,

Your father and I are in Seattle for a long weekend. Yesterday we took a ride up the Space Needle. This morning we did some shopping, and after lunch are headed to the Frye Art Museum. I’d like to go on a whale-watching trip, but you know how your father gets seasick. Tomorrow we’re heading north to visit Penny and Edward, and then its back home.

We were thinking of a trip to see you, maybe sometime this fall. What do you think?



Dear Miss Simmons,

I so enjoyed meeting you on Saturday following my lecture. It is always a pleasure to discover a fellow historian in the audience.

As we discussed, I have a  post-graduate student , Evelyn Prosser, who is quite interested in post-medieval archaeology; most specifically Georgian and early Regency garden design. I am writing to enquire if it would be convenient for her to visit Stoney Grove in the near future to see your gardens and to discuss the possibility of an archaeological survey of your grounds.

As I have agreed to act as an advisor to the team that will begin investigations of the UPPC church yard in the near future, I am certain that we will have the opportunity to meet again soon. Until then, I wish you all the best.


Basil Hardcote , B.A., M.A. , D. Phil.
Professor Emeritus, University of London

Dear Miss Simmons,

Thank you for the beautiful wreath you sent for my uncle Roderick's funeral.  It was very kind of you to think of us at this time.

Most sincerely,

James Dinnell