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Hey Annie,

No need to rearrange the furniture for me and James. We’ll sleep anywhere you want us to. Hopefully there’s a demilitarized zone somewhere in all the thousands of rooms you call home! (Only kidding.) Just keep me away from the bar—I’m on the wagon right now, but more about that when I come. James is an easy guest—he’ll do almost anything and enjoy it. We’re both just looking forward to some time away together, and of course, to seeing you!

I’ve been a writing fiend—another chapter done and two more outlined. Dissertation hell may not be eternal after all. I’ve been thinking about what I might actually do when I’m finished—I never really believed there could be an "after" until recently. Maybe I’ll stay here and work. I’m becoming attached to the place.

I’ve booked our flight to Gatwick—we need to take a puddle jumper to Antigua and then have a direct shot across. I’ve forgotten the details—the travel agent still has the tickets, so I’ll write again before we come to let you know flight times, numbers, etc. In the meantime, keep me posted on the ins and outs of life at Stoney Grove, so that I don’t put my foot in my mouth and get poisoned by the housekeeper.

Be good. Try to make friends with the world…

Love ya,