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Gone to see a friend. I fancied a change of scenery.  Have taken the bike out for a few days to see what it can do.  Don't wait up for me-HA!


Dear Ann,
How can I begin to apologize for the ungentlemanly way I behaved in London?  I understand completely why you haven't wanted to see me, but I really do believe we need to talk.  Please, please come down to the Idiot tonight and we'll work through this--like friends.


Dear Mr. Tinsley and Miss Simmons,

Please find enclosed your second installment check (for July) of $178,750.32 from the Grand Slam Lottery.

J. Archibald Dixon
Deputy Treasurer
Department of Revenue and Taxation

Dear Miss Simmons and Mr. Tinsley,

We are delighted to inform you that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been ordered to continue regular payments of your Grand Slam lotto winnings and to pay all legal fees to date.  Additionally, the firm of McBeal, Cage and Thomas is continuing to seek damages against the Lottery Commission to compensate you for actual costs incurred during the period where payments were not forthcoming, and for pain and suffering incurred by the interruption of said cash flow.  We expect this portion of the case to be resolved shortly, and I have no doubt that they will communicate the outcome directly to you.

Congratulations on the successful outcome of your litigation.  I have enclosed an invoice for our services to date.

P. Endicott Krasman
Director, Krasman and Werthnow, Philadelphia