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We're Not Born to Run!

As a longtime resident of Lower Puckering, I cannot let the recent article about bad driving go unchallenged.  No one in the Council Estates could possibly afford a new Harley, let alone be stupid enough to risk injuring it by driving badly through the village.  I take offense to Sergeant Archer's insensitive comments, and urge him to retract them.

Mrs. L. Robbins
3 Wythe Terrace, Lower Puckering

Editor's Note:  Sergeant Archer stands by his statements.


Fall Fete

Local residents are cordially invited to the annual Fall Fete to be held on the Church grounds of the Upper Puckering Parish Church on 7-10 October, rain or shine.   Proceeds from the Fete will help with the purchasing of new robes for the Youth Choir, the Senior Outreach Mission and the restoration of the Church. Exhibitors are urged to contact Reverend Nigel Banks by September 15 to reserve a space.

Friends of the UPPC
Upper Puckering

Crime Wave Worsens?

First it was theft, then reckless driving.  These crimes, unfortunately, are all too common in Britain today.  But now it seems Puckering is in the clutches of an international drug cartel. These fiends have infiltrated our own Annual Late Summer Flower Show, sowing the seeds of hopelessness and despair amongst our mums and asters.  This must not go unchallenged!  Burn your floral arrangements before they fall into the wrong hands! But please, don't inhale.

Miss Nora Elberdine
35 Lark Lane, Upper Puckering