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Puckering Draws
The Puckering football team started its season in an unusually positive manner when it drew its first game 0-0. Much of the success goes to its new player, Knobbly Lyles, who performed admirably in defense. His early tackling left several of the opposition limping and unwilling to commit themselves to the attack. In fact, after half-time it was noted that Featherstone seemed reluctant to cross the half-way line and approach the scowling Knobbly.

Puckering showed their usual ineptitude in front of the goal. Main striker Ferdinand is ambidextrous, which in his case means he is equally useless with both feet. His ability heading the ball brings to mind the recent warnings about potential causes of brain damage in children. Still, manager Bert Walsham was ecstatic over the result. "We were fearsome in defense," he said gleefully. "They were scared to come near us after Lyles bit their winger's leg. It's a really positive start. We had one shot that would have been a goal if they hadn't saved it." Featherstone said they would protest Lyles' play to the league, but Knobbly's only comment was that the opposition had left a bad taste in his mouth.  -- Lumpy Gaites

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