Stoney Grove Home Ann's desk
Episode 13
Ann's Desk
Ann's Guest List, Autumn Ball

Amy and James
Rev. Nigel Banks
Mr. Basil Edwards
Mrs. Archer Winston
Dr.  Eugenia Dowley
Col.  N. Bratherton
Mr. Godfrey Clayburne
Dr. Nigel Mannerly
Dr. Basil Hardcote
Ms. Evelyn Prosser
Mr. Hepplewaite
Mr. Mark Butlins
Miss Irene Kent and Miss Gladys Rutherford
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Amberly
Mr. Breight-Laughton
Mr. Artimaine
Fr. McGintus Hoole
Mrs. Lydia Stenhouse
Miss Minnie Smalls
Miss Crowder-Switts and Mr. Sonderleigh

Lady Imogene Studley-Smythe?

Simon's Guest List, Autumn Ball

Phil and Caroline Porkridge
Jackie Collins
Frank and Emma
Rev. Banks
Lumpy Gaites
Bert Walsham
Andy Barstow
George Stout
Flash Bolger
Art Covers (Red)
Mr. Mrs. Nigel Morcombe
Ed Waterfall
David Truckle
Nigel Barksley
Bobby Archer
Nigel Twicks