Stoney Grove Home Ann's desk
Episode 13
Ann's Desk
Guest List
Dear Miss Simmons and Mr. Tinsley,
Thank you for your kind invitation to the Autumn Ball. We will most certainly be in attendance.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Amberly

Dear Ann and Simon,

What fun!  I'll certainly attend your Autumn Ball, though I may be a bit late as I've made plans with McGintus that evening to meet for a pint.  Thank you so much for the invite. 

Best wishes,

Nigel L. Banks

Dear Miss Simmons and Mr. Tinsley,

Phillip and I are pleased to accept your gracious invitation and will be delighted to attend your party on 16 October.  Looking forward to seeing you both.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Porkridge


This is the epitome of capitalist excess and unrestrained consumption.  And what of the workers who make all this possible?  Will they be represented amoungst the tuxedoed elite of Puckering?

I shall come witness this extravagance. Expect me in the uniform of the masses and take note; you are being watched carefully.

Arthur 'Red' Covers (and Mrs. Covers)


Crikey--a ball? And one that's not red and covered in leather.  I won't recognize you out of your whites.  Save a drink for me and the boys.  And if you don't mind too much, let this be an RSVP for Flash Bolger and Andy Barstow and his missus, as well.

George Stout

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley,

Mrs. N. Archer Winston cordially accepts your invitation to the Autumn Ball at Stoney Grove. 

Mrs. N. Archer Winston

Dear Ann,

I am looking forward to your party, and will be happy to assist you in any preparations if you need an extra pair of hands around the house.  Save a dance for me.