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View of the Lake

EpisodEpisode 14

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Dining Room
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the lawn at night

Emma: Shirley?

Shirley: I’m under the tree. Be quick girl, I think my feet are frozen.

Emma: I know who John’s father is.

Shirley: Was it Vera who told you? You know she’s never been straight, not even with me.

Emma: No, it wasn’t Vera. It was Jerry.

Shirley: Jerry? Jerry Anderson? When did you talk to him?

Emma: I went to the prison. He told me everything.

Shirley: Everything?

Emma: Yes, everything. How he and Betsy had a fling, and she got pregnant and you sent her away. You asked him to steal things from the house to sell, so he could give money to John.

Shirley: So I helped him help his son. No more than he should have done. John’s a good boy.  How could these two miss what they didn’t know they had?

Emma: He didn’t just tell me about the robberies, he told me about Elizabeth’s father.

Shirley: What! What does he know about that? Martin was her Dad.

Emma: Jerry said that her father was Monty Hall. Shirley, this means John is the rightful heir to Stoney Grove!

Shirley: Now listen here, Miss. Martin was her Dad, no matter what you heard. Monty and I, well that was a long time ago. John’s doing just fine as he is, I won’t have you saying anything else that would upset Martin.

Emma: Shirley, I have to tell them, it’s only right.

Shirley: Right is it? Well young lady, there’s many done right and wrong in this world and have moved on afterwards. I was leaning over garden fences long before you were born. Not your first visit to prison was it? If you want your little secret kept then I think we both better keep quiet. And I’d give Frank a break too, especially knowing what I know.

Emma: Perhaps we both better think on it.

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