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Hooray for Families

In times of trouble for our nation it is important that we turn to the things that made this country great. Families are the backbone of England and your article on the new business by Wendy Smith, whilst admirable in itself, struck a blow against family values. Children are precious creatures and should be nurtured and praised. In England we put our pets over our children and that's why we have hooligans!

Mrs. L. Robbins
3 Wythe Terrace, Lower Puckering

Student Speaks Out

The Gazette cover story of May 1, "Student to Study at Stoney Grove," begs a response. I am currently pursuing a postgraduate degree (D.Phil) in Social and Economic History from Cambridge, having completed my undergraduate training in Heritage Studies as Applied History at the University of York.   I am certainly  a more competent scholar than Nigel Twicks, whose inaccuracies and misinterpretations of the Stoney Grove site history have greatly complicated my job.
     To facilitate my research, I  would like to ask any Puckering residents with photographs, letters, news clippings or memories relating to previous owners of Stoney Grove to share them with me.  I can be reached at the address below, or found most days in the library. 

Emma Knytleigh, BA, MPhil.
Stoney Grove



Crime Wave Rocks Puckering

Let this letter serve notice that after seventeen years, I am removing my family from the crime-infested warren that I once thought of as my own dear Puckering. Crime has run amok when shopkeepers are accosted in broad daylight and householders burgled in their own homes. Shame, shame on the Puckering police and on all of you who turn a blind eye!

Mr. Nigel R. Oxmoor
16 Lark Lane, Upper Puckering