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Plague Rats

The incidence of Black Rats in England has been closely associated with the plague. Puckering residents should be aware of these harbingers of doom as the millenium approaches.

Frank Churchill
The Hermitage

Golf at Stoney Grove

I would like to comment on the story concerning golf at Stoney Grove.  As we discussed with the editor, I can unequivocally state that there will be no golf course installed at the property. Mr. Tinsley's comment, that he was thinking of "putting at a local golf course" was misinterpreted and taken out of context.  The story showed poor journalistic judgment.

Ann Simmons
Stoney Grove

Editor's Note: The Puckering Gazette reports the news as we see it. On checking, we found Mr. Tinsley's comments were as stated.



Taking a Lead

It is a shame that no word has come from Stoney Grove concerning the recent tragedy in the area in regard to the sad release of the mink. When Miss Ellen Hall was at the house I'm sure such a thing would not have been allowed to have happened. The present occupants should consider the obligations that come with their position in the village.

Miss Irene Kent
The Downstairs, Upper Puckering


Rats!   Will We Lose Again?
With the onset of the annual best-kept village competition, it is incumbent upon all of us to do our part to put Upper Puckering's best face forward. We have all shared Lindfield councillor Alan Smith's fear that unpleasantness in the public toilets will upset the judges. Thus, we must do our best to keep rodents, of any kind, out of public places.  If, however, we should find ourselves in Mrs. Morcombe's shoes, we must refrain from unsightly defense tactics such as she employed that might jeopardize our chances of victory.  I suggest we flush.

Mr. Nigel Amberly
18 Rook's Haven, Upper Puckering