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Puckering Undone By Running Golf at Stoney Grove?
Puckering were undone by their running between the wickets in their latest game against Wooden Forest. The visitors were set the lowly total of 57 to reach after no fewer than six Puckering players were victims of a misunderstanding between the batsmen.

Freddy Bolger, a man who clearly has enjoyed a good meal in his life, was involved in five of the decisions as he refused to leave his ground despite the entreaties and appearance at his end of teammates. Nicknamed 'Flash' by his colleagues, Bolger scored all his runs in boundaries and generally does not deign to move between the stumps at anything beyond a walk. Though he top-scored with 12, Forest made the runs for the loss of two wickets.

Nigel Morcombe, back after injury, noted the rooted performance of Bolger by stating, "Apparently the trees at Stoney Grove move quicker."

Despite denials from Stoney Grove rumours persist that the owners, unmarried couple Simon Tinsley and Ann Simmons, are planning on putting in a golf course.  Mr. Tinsley is known to have had delivered to the estate some golf equipment, and has reportedly been hitting balls on the property. The removal of an ancient oak tree recently lends further credence to the view that the landscape is being prepared for the fairways.

When asked to comment, Mr. Tinsley said that he thought his own course would be the only way he'd ever get the hang of the game and that he was thinking of "putting in a local golf course."--Nigel Twicks

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