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Dear Annie,
     Glad to hear that you and Simon are doing better. The money thing sounds scary.  Have you hired a lawyer?  Let me know if you need some impromptu advise--James has a law degree from UT Austin.  I'm sure you'll screw those Lotto bastards to the wall.
     How's the conference paper coming? I got my proposal sent off, and haven't heard anything yet.  Of course I should be forging ahead on the assumption that Michaelson thinks it's brilliant, but instead I've rewarded myself for sticking to a schedule and have spent the past week hanging out and going to the beach.  James and I went to a jump-up last night and heard a great new band from Antigua.  Back to the grindstone soon...
    I got a letter from Tia, my friend on St. Kitts, and she's working on Stoney Grove stuff.  I should have something to send you soon. 
  On the England front, I'm thinking about sometime this fall.  Sorry I can't be more definite yet, but it really hinges on how the proposal goes over this time.  You know that you're always welcome to come stay with me if you want a change of scenery.  Be good.



P.S.  Finished another jar of olives.