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Dear Miss Simmons and Mr. Tinsley,

The Friends of the Upper Puckering Parish Church have commissioned a number of fine ales as part of our ongoing campaign for the restoration of the Church. Friary Ales will provide brewing expertise, whilst the proprietor of the Village Idiot has agreed to act as distributor. We are certain that this venture will succeed in generating much-needed revenue for the project, in addition to creating a product that is uniquely Puckering.

We do hope that you can join us for a beer-tasting reception at the Idiot on Saturday, 24 July. Your support in this venture is vital for its success.


Reverend Nigel L. Banks

Dear Ann,
     As you requested, the inscription on the temple memorial as best I was able to make it out-

In Memory of Fanny P. R. Blake, beloved Wife and Mother
"Child of the sun, returned into shadow,
Ascend from the watery depths to life everlasting."

Erected this day on the tenth anniversary of her death by her devoted daughter Mary  15 April 1814

Looking forward to seeing you at the Idiot beer tasting on Saturday.

Bottoms up,


Dear Miss Simmons,

My sincerest apologies for intruding on your time once again. I regret to say that my uncle Roderick has gone missing. If you have seen him, I would be most appreciative of a note or phone call informing me of the circumstances. If not, let me hasten to say that he is rarely violent, though sometimes belligerent. I can be reached at 443761.

The police have been informed. 

With sincerely thanks,

James Dinnell