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Nigel Banks: Hello Shirley, back from your sister's I understand. How is she?

Shirley: Well, we're all getting on a bit, vicar, aren't we? Course, Vera's younger than I am, but really she's not doing so well. Sheís had her hip done once, after a while it all starts to go, doesnít it? Now Iíve always kept busy, well it takes a lot of looking after a house like this, but I canít be doing that forever, can I? Not at my age.

Nigel: Indeed.

Shirley: And who knows, now that theyíre married, there may be children coming along. Well children are all right if you're young, but at my age? So I said to Vera, Vera I said, if you need me, Iíll move down. Well whatís keeping me here now, I ask you? Johnís a grown man. He could be off at any time. And now Martinís gone I seem to be rattling around the place. Poor man never seemed to take up much space when he was here, but somehow it seems a bit empty with him gone. And Vera could do with the help, now sheís having trouble getting round.

Nigel: But Iím sure that Simon and Ann would want you to stay. Youíd be sorely missed, Shirley.

Shirley: Well then they need to say it. Anyway donít say anything to John. Heís coming over and I donít want to upset the lad.

John: More wine, vicar?

Irene Kent: Well this is nice, isn't it?

Gladys Rutherford: Almost like the old days.

Irene: Did you have one of those cream things? Bit too rich, really, I thought.

Gladys: Yes, wasn't it! Have you seen Gerry Anderson here?

Irene: I have. To come here, straight out prison, I'm surprised he had the nerve!

Gladys: Returning to the scene of the crime.

Irene: Some people have no shame.

Gladys: Like the dress on that one over there.

Irene: Shocking. It's all this free love they're talking about.

Gladys: Oh, I know.

Nigel Banks: Hello, Emma. Feeling better?

Emma: Not great, to be honest.

Nigel: Are you ill?

Emma: Today just doesnít seem to suit me. Listen, Nigel, can I have a quick word with you a bit later?

Nigel: Of course you can.

Emma: Meet me upstairs. In my bedroom.

Nigel: Emma, do you think thatís wise? I mean, with everyone here, what would it look like for me to go upstairs with you?

Emma: Please. Iíd like a few minutes alone. Iíll go up first, and you can follow when you like. Nobody is going to be watching you. Theyíre all busy with Simon and Ann.

Nigel: Well, all right. Iíll see you later.

Arthur Daily: Well, I think this all went quite well. Professional eye, you know, always looking at the production.

Frank: You didn't bring Irene with you.

Arthur: No, well, difficult for her to get away. The pace of life is much faster in LA you know.

Frank: Not really.

Arthur: Right. Anyway we were all sorry to hear about Martin. That man had a future.

Frank: He had a past, too.

Arthur: Really? Well not much we can do with that now. It scuppered our pitch I can tell you, we'd shown the reels of him in Taxi to the backers.

Frank: We were all very sad when Martin died.

Arthur: Oh, I see, yes, well I suppose I am a bit insensitive. It come with the job. Still I'm sure Martin is in a better place now.

Frank: He's still here.

Arthur: What, you buried him in the garden?

Frank: No, but Martin spent so much of his life here. He wouldn't leave it just because he died; he'll stay to watch over the grounds.

Arthur: Think I see that archaeologist lady. Fancy a word with that one. Excuse me!

John: Emma! Are you going to stop long enough for me to dance with you?

Emma: Maybe later.

John: Come inside now. You look great in that dress - fits you like a glove.

Emma: I need to talk to someone. I'll come and get you later and we can talk. I promise.

John: Who said talk? I just want to party! Here, have a drink and relax.

Emma: No, really John. I'll talk to you later.

[Follow Emma to her room]

Arthur 'Red' Covers: I've been wanting to catch up with you brother.

Phil: Sorry?

Arthur: I understand you were privileged to visit Russia recently, aboard an ex-Soviet ship no less.

Phil: Right. I'm still getting over it, to be honest.

Arthur: Coming back to the decadent West a bit of a shock, eh? Were you able to spend much time with our comrades?

Phil: We had personal guides. I spent the first few days trying to decide whether mine wanted to sleep with me or kill me.

Arthur: Sorry? Oh I see, political commentary. The capitalist system, can it merge with a socialist ideal or must it be in eternal opposition.

Phil: Quite. The vodka was good. I think we've still got a bottle stashed behind the bar.

Arthur: Lead on, brother Phil!

Jen: Hey Todd! Having fun?

Todd: Yeah, I guess so. The foodís great, and the booze is free. I thought English people were supposed to be uptight. Looks to me like theyíre having fun. The music kind of sucks though.

Jen: Yeah. Whereís Janey?

Todd: Donít know. Why are you hiding out over here?

Jen: Iíve been dodging some old man all night. I think heís the groomís father.

Todd: That guy over there? Talking to Simon?

Jen: Yeah, thatís him. I think Iím safe now. Looks like heís picked up some old lady. Sheís really scary. I donít think sheís drawn a breath since she started talking to him, and now, look, sheís kissing Simon!

Todd: I donít think sheís his type.

Jen: Todd! He just got married. Nobodyís "his type" anymore.

Todd: Iím not saying anything bad or that something was going to happen or anything.

Jen: Well, what are you saying?

Todd: I just think it would be really hard to well, like, not ever even look at any other women again, you know?

Jen: Yeah, well, they seem happy.

Todd: Can you imagine it? The same person, every day for the rest of your life. How boring is that?

Jen: You and Janey getting along well?

Todd: Yeah. Iím not slamming Janey. Sheís cool. Itís just well, I think Iíd even get tired of like, some awesome supermodel type. I think Iíd miss the variety.

Jen: So like youíve got tons of girlfriends now, right?

Todd: Well, no. Itís just that I could.

Jen: Yeah, right.

Todd: Ah, thereís your sister. She looks great in that bridesmaidís dress. Hey, Janey, over here!

Jen: Iíll catch you later. Iím going to go talk to that guy John. You know, the one whoís grandfather just died. Heís kind of cute.

Todd: If you say so. You can slide up to him inside. They're cutting the cake.

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