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Amy: So, my best friend is an old married lady now. Should I start calling you missus?

Ann: I suppose you could. I wonít answer though!

Amy: Congratulations, Ann. I wish you both all the best.

Ann: Thanks Amy. And thanks so much for being my maid of honour today. Iím really glad you were part of all this. Simon looks gorgeous in that suit, doesnít he?

Amy: If you go for happy guys who canít stop smiling. You look pretty gorgeous yourself. I have to say, I had my doubts about you two, but I was wrong. Even Jackie looks like sheís given upósheís dancing with Chester.

Ann: Itís been a wonderful day. All my family and friends here, and even Simonís parents seem to have reached dťtente. I think theyíve been dancing together.

Amy: What are your plans now?

Ann: Simon wonít tell me. The honeymoon is a big secret. He even packed my suitcase.

Amy: That should make for an interesting couple of weeks. James couldnít match a pair of my socks, let alone pack for me.

Ann: It doesnít matter. Weíll be fine.

Amy: God, you are in love.

Simon: Hello, Amy. Hello, beautiful! May I have another dance with my wife?

Amy: By all means. Have fun!

John: Hello Nora, just wanted to say I thought you did a lovely job with the flowers.

Nora Elberdine: Thank you John. You know your Granddad had quite the reputation for his vegetables, but he had a wonderful knack for flowers, too.

John: I really miss him.

Nora: I do too. Never one to waste words was Martin, but he helped me out a few times over the years. Well it's up to you now to look after the garden.

John: I don't know. I've been trying to think about what I should do now Granddad is gone. I'm not sure if Gran's going to stay around, and what is there for me here? Maybe it's time to move on again.

Nora: Young man, this is where your roots are. Now is the time to plant for the future. You find yourself a nice young lady, get to know that no-good father of yours, and spend time here where you belong. That garden is going to need a lot of looking after, and so is your Gran.

John: We'll see.

Evelyn: Winston? Hi! Iím Evelyn. We met last year at Simon and Annís engagement party.

Winston: Yes, I remember. How are you?

Evelyn: Iím fine, thanks. Howís university?

Winston: Itís great, man.

Evelyn: Do you miss Nevis?

Winston: I didnít think so, but I do. I missed it last winter, when it was so cold and dark. But Iím enjoying myself. How about you? Werenít you getting hassle from some Hollywood man at the last party?

Evelyn: Thatís right. Arthur Daily. Heís here tonight, you know.

Winston: Not bothering you any more?

Evelyn: No. He was around for awhile this spring when they were filming at the house. I think he lost interest.

Winston: How is that possible?

Jackie: Hello. Chester is it? I think we met at one of these dos a few years ago.

Chester: I remember you. You were the life of the party. Well, the death actually, after Ann left. Ooh, shouldnít have said that. Iím afraid Iíve had a bit too much. Iím feeling a bit tipsy.

Jackie: Never mind. Itís a wedding. Youíre supposed to indulge.

Chester: Well, then, will you indulge me with a spin around the floor?

Jackie: A dance?

Chester: Yes, of course. You might not know it, but Iím quite a good dancer. Been told Iím a natural.

Jackie: Did you enjoy the ceremony?

Chester: Can't say that I did. I was thankful the beetles didn't cause any problems though.

Jackie: Were the Beatles invited?

Chester: Not really, they just showed up.

Jackie: Ouch!

Chester: Sorry. Did I hurt you? Not much for the old fashioned stuff. Discoís more my style.

Jackie: Then I hope they switch bands quickly. Iíve only got the one other foot.

Chester: Ha! Ha! You know, I didnít expect to do much laughing today. I really quite like Ann.

Jackie: Well, to be honest, I really quite like Simon.

Chester: Arenít we a pair then?

Jackie: For a little while.

Gary Archer: Well Simon, congratulations! You did it.

Simon: I know, amazing isn't it? To be honest, the day is passing in a bit of a blur.

Gary: So are you going to be a sedate married man now? No little jaunts off to Liverpool or London?

Simon: Oh, Ann and I understand each other, she wouldn't want me around all the time. I'm sure we could manage the odd outing. No sign of Suzanne then?

Gary: No. She called briefly but couldn't get out of LA. Things are 'happening'. No, it's all for the best. Women, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Oh sorry!

Simon: No, it's all right, mate. Today is all about the second sentiment. Still if you can get tickets for the first Liverpool home game, I think we might be back from the honeymoon.

Gary: Right you are. Anyway I'm off to find more wine.

Simon: Hello, Phil. You're lurking.

Phil: This had been great. Normally I'm hopeless at these things but every time I look like getting into a conversation I say 'best man duties' and rush off. It's saved me lots of embarrassment.

Simon: Glad you're having fun.

Phil: Oh, I am, I think everyone is. I don't think I've ever seen your Dad like that.

Simon: Well I think he's very drunk and Mum does have a way of getting him going.

Phil: Where's her boyfriend?

Simon: Evidently he had to rush back to Italy. He seems to be somewhat important though Mum is very vague about these things. There was some mention of 'those silly protesters' but I've no idea what she meant.

Phil: I think she's got him about to do the limbo! Look he's following that Jen girl from America.

Simon: I think I better go rescue her.

Phil: Him.

Simon: Whatever.

Phil: Glad you could come, Jackie. Wasnít sure youíd been invited.

Caroline: Yes, itís ever so nice to see you again.

Jackie: Hello, Phil, Caroline. Lovely speech. I thought Ann looked quite pretty.

Caroline: Yes. I always thought Ann could look good if she made the effort.

Phil: Nice lady, Ann. Good for Simon. So, Jackie, are you all alone tonight?

Jackie: Yes, I came on my own.

Phil: But I bet you donít leave alone, eh?

Caroline: Phil, I think youíve had quite enough. Will you excuse us?

Jackie: Yes, of course.

Chester: Back again! Fancy another go? This is more like it. 
"Yesterday I was one of the lonely people,
Now you're lying next to me, 
Making love to me, oh, 
I believe in miracles, 
Where you from
You sexy thing?"

Jackie: Birmingham.

Chester: The home of soul?

Jackie: What are you nattering on about? Are we going to dance or what?

Chester: Yes, absolutely. "You sexy thing."

Jackie: Oh, sorry Chester. They're cutting the cake. We have to watch them leave.

Chester: I'm right behind you.

Jackie: I was afraid of that.

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