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An Editor's Goodbye

As a personal note I just wanted to thank the loyal readers of the Puckering Gazette for their readership. The Gazette is a labour of love, and we have been pleased to welcome a variety of readers from all over the world. Whilst we've been derided by some of not telling a straight story, your support has been much appreciated. Puckering is a special place and it is hoped that the newspaper can rise again supported by those that enjoy reading and find pleasure in our little corner of England.

Nigel Twicks

You can reach the Gazette at gazette@stoneygrove.com

Where is the Justice?

I am appalled at the lack of respect that is given to our furry, scaly, and feathered friends.  The Gazette should be ashamed of its trivialising of the treatment of our canine brethren.  The dog is thoroughly traumatized!

I know the owner, and he has told me in confidence that Pookie (as he is referred to) is no longer capable of certain functions.  As for Mr. Lyles, where is the justice?  Why was he allowed to continue in the match?  He truly is a brute and a menace to society.  I know where you live Mr. Lyles. Justice will be served.

Nigel Barksley
President -- Animal Rights Friendship Society

P.S. The squirrels are recovering nicely, too!

Romance be Damned!

Instead of being celebrated, those silly blighters should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Mary Summers is a vandal and litter lout and sets a very bad example to the youth of today. She ruined our chance of winning the best Village competition and I would further expect that had we any decent leadership in the church they would decry the falling standards that make divorce acceptable. No point in having a newspaper if all it does is coddle daft middle-age dreamers who should know better.

Nigel Morcombe

(note: this letter was edited by the newspaper after submission).