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Puckering Gazette For Sale For Sale
Dung. Some sheep, some cow. Evidently suitable for great English art. Call at Nookes farm near Upper Puckering
Glad Rags. Buy and Sell second hand clothing.  On special, men's tuxedos and women's ball gowns, all sizes. Jenny, Lower Puckering High Street
Dagger. Call Miss Scarlett in the Library.
Princess Leia costumes (uni-sex). Great for parties (if you get invited). Overstock:   Captain James T. Kirk's Guide to Picking Up Women.  Contact Yoda at 356766
Silken Treasures.  The finest in ladies' lingerie, hosiery and other feminine accessories. Now having a run on tights. We specialize in Victoriana.
Clothes and Accessories. Authentic 70's clothes a specialty. For Sale at 'Fashion Relief ' in High Street.
To advertise in the Classifieds Contact Nigel Twicks
In Olde Things Forgotten. English pottery a specialty. Come to buy or just pop in for a cuppa! This week  purchase a lovely saucer  (go to eBay). Shirley Johnson, Upper Puckering High Street.
Lost and Found  Puckering Gazette Lost and Found
We were lost and now we are happily found. Thanks to the Gazette. Nigel Winters and Judith Summer
Alone again is more than I can bear. You were the fire and I'll surrender my smoke to have you again. Please come back to the Hermitage.
Puckering Gazette Help Wanted  Help Wanted
Cleaners needed at Stoney Grove for the week of 11 October.  Contact Shirley.
Temporary gardener needed to get noxious weeds under control.  Must be a non-smoker.   Inquiry at Stoney Grove.
Baby   Sitter, night of 16 October.  Call L. Stenhouse at 344578
Sitter needed for three children, night of 16 October.  Call Mrs. Amberly after 6 p.m. 344441

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Puckering Gazette HelpHelp Available
Four adorable kittens for adoption.  Also available for pet sitting, TLC for your pet. Call Wendy 503332.
Don't go out on a limb.Call "A Cut Above" for pruning and removals.   Now til 20/10, wood lot clearances reduced. Turn over a new leaf.
Pests got you down?  Call The Grim Reaper at 345117. 
Web design--personal, business, academic.  Reasonable rates.  Contact stoney@stoneygrove.com.
AnnouncementsPuckering Gazette Announcements
Try  The Nun's Habit at the  Village Idiot and help a good cause. Good food and darts available.
Puckering youth group. Most young people welcome. Church Hall Tuesdays and Thursdays.
New in town? Singles night at the Bell. Where things happen! Wednesday.