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Puckering Gazette For Sale For Sale
Foreign coin collection. Available together or in parts. Contact Major Blythe-Smythe through Post Office
Gaming table. Some nice inlay work 400 pounds o.n.o. Local Provenance. 
Contact Jerry 305224.
Other pieces available.
Small tractor available.
Call Arthur Beets 303433.
Glad Rags. Buy and Sell second hand clothing.  Jenny, Lower Puckering High Street
Rabbits for sale, make great pets. Contact Alison through the Post Office.
Motorbike wanted for old granny. Must be capable of really motoring. Condition not a problem, prepared to re-build classic bike.  Call 503333
Children's Bicycles. Repaired, renewed and available. Tommy 305443
Variety of frames available some old. Local Provenance. 
Contact Jerry 305224.
Clothes and Accessories. For Sale at 'Fashion Relief ' in High Street.
Rabbits for sale, make great pets. Contact Amy 304177.
Lost and Found  Puckering Gazette Lost and Found
Wallet found near pub in Lower Puckering.  Please call Mary 503111 after 8 on Wednesday.
She will not leave but who will stay. Go away to come together, come together and stay together, stay away, stay away. Sap is rising.
Lost, large tabby cat, answers to name of Nigel. Call 503114
Puckering Gazette Help Wanted  Help Wanted
Nice old lady needs company in the evenings for cards and conversation. Low pay but pleasant working conditions and food and drink provided. Call Harry 300666.
Baby Sitter needed for three evenings a week. Two children 4 and 6 call 305667
To advertise in the Classifieds Contact Nigel Twicks
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Puckering Gazette HelpHelp Available
Available for most baby sitting. Call Wendy 503332.
20 year-old man looking for summer job during university break. Hard work not a problem. Also wondering about any kind of amateur dramatics going on
in local area. Call John White, Lower Puckering 302653.
AnnouncementsPuckering Gazette Announcements
Looking for the right sort of chaps interested in playing for   the Puckering Irregulars. Please call Nigel Morcombe 503545
New in town? Singles night at the Bell. Wednesday.
Two fat ladies?
Church Fund Raising committee will hold a bingo evening on Friday. All funds to go to the church restoration fund. Great prizes.
Puckering youth group. Everybody Welcome. Church Hall Tuesdays and Thursdays.