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Puckering Loses Despite Help from the Ref

Buckthorn 8 Puckering 1

Rain Stops Play

St. Annes 137-8, Puckering Irregulars 43-7

Saturday witnessed another disappointing loss for Puckering in their final game of the season, despite the fact that the referee actually played for the side. Once again several men short, team members were able to   continue when they persuaded Albert Arnthorp to play for the Irregulars rather than take his designated role as referee. Outclassed in every area of the field, Puckering managed a late goal when Albert awarded himself a penalty for a foul many felt to be outside the box. The productivity of Buckthorn was like a giant oak spreading acorns, with eight of them coming to fruit.

Manager Bert Walsham was unable to be positive about the result.

Puckering were denied a chance of victory when rain called an early close to their first game Sunday. Johnson (37) top scored for St. Annes with Croft looking the most dangerous for Puckering bowlers. St. Annes did complain of intimidation.  One over had two balls that went for four byes over the batsman's and wicket keeper's heads, four more coming from a nick through slips, a wide that had the square leg umpire edging nervously back, and another ball that shot over the stumps at a tremendous velocity. Clearly disconcerted, the St. Annes batsman flattened his own stumps with a wonderful square cut on the next ball.

For Puckering, Havers started brightly with 12 but at 43-7 honours were shared when the rain fell.