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Thoughts on Marriage

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young couple in possession of a good fortune ought to marry. Though we know little of their feelings or views on the matter, Mr. Tinsley and Miss Simmons should consider the minds of the surrounding families. Stoney Grove, whilst their rightful property, is integral to the life of the village.  Their marriage would be a time of celebration, and a positive example to our village girls.

Mrs. N. G. Bennet
3 Puck Way, Upper Puckering


Hose Not to Blame

As a long time purveyor of ladies’ undergarments, I would like to point out that only a tiny minority of nylon stockings have been documented each year as accessories in criminal activities. Whilst Hollywood and the BBC have corrupted the image of hosiery in the public imagination, I can assure you that most leg coverings are worn by law-abiding citizens.

Mrs. N. Archer Winston, proprietress
Silken Treasures
13 Herringbone Way,Upper Puckering

Save Puckering's Misericords

Woodworm, dry rot and time have taken their toll on the splendid medieval misericords at Upper Puckering Parish Church. Funds are being solicited for the documentation, preservation and restoration of these important gems of church history. Please send your contribution to

Attn. Of N. Mannerly,Ph.D.
UPPC Friends
17 Newsam Lane
Upper Puckering

Thank you for your support.

Nigel Mannerly
17 Newsam  Lane, Upper Puckering