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Puckering Gazette For Sale For Sale
Souvenir spoon collection, including Royalty memorabilia.  Contact Major Blythe-Smythe through Post Office.
Jerry's Antiques. Appraisals, restoration. Many nice pieces for sale including some with local provenance.
Contact Jerry 305224.
Rabbits for sale, make great pets. Contact George  302166.
Glad Rags. Buy and Sell second hand clothing.  Jenny, Lower Puckering High Street
Rabbits for sale, make great pets. Contact Alison through the Post Office.
Books for Sale. Boys Own and other children's classics.
Call Colonel N. Bratherton 501224
Rabbits for sale, make great pets. Contact Arthur  306127
Clothes and Accessories. For Sale at 'Fashion Relief ' in High Street.
Lost and Found  Puckering Gazette Lost and Found
Purse found near Post Office. Please call Nigel 503111. Tuesday night best.
Closer now and I can see her, oh how she frightens me. Answers sought across the waters, seeking clues in history. Now they talk but do they listen to all that I can prophesy.
Lost, large tabby cat, answers to name of Nigel. Call 503114
Puckering Gazette Help Wanted  Help Wanted
Desperately seeking a baby sitter, three evenings a week. Two young children. Call 305667
To advertise in the Classifieds Contact Nigel Twicks
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Puckering Gazette HelpHelp Available
Available for pet sitting. While you are away I will provide TLC for your pet. Call Wendy 503332.
Spare not the rod. Well- mannered girls and boys  are invited to apply for places at the Borstal Nursery. No whiney children accepted. 501224
AnnouncementsPuckering Gazette Announcements
Looking for the right sort of chaps interested in playing for   the Puckering Irregulars. Please call Nigel Morcombe 503545
New in town? Singles night at the Bell. Wednesday.
Puckering youth group. Everybody Welcome. Church Hall Tuesdays and Thursdays.