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Puckering Loses Close Game

Puckering Irregulars 89 Kentish Wanderers 90-3

Puckering lost a narrow game to Kentish Wanderers, but the fast scoring by Kent meant a welcome early visit to the pub.
Batting first, the Irregulars amassed a solid 89 with Captain and opener Nigel Morcombe batting through the innings for a careful 15. The Wanderers found the scoring easier and made the 90 runs required, lead by a truly brilliant 52 from Cowdrey. Andy ‘The Head’ Burstow had persuaded his eleven-year-old son to take the field as Puckering found themselves two men short. The young Burstow performed creditably, saving innumerable byes fielding at long leg at both ends. Young Burstow was unable to comment after the game due to exhaustion, but Dad promised a pint of shandy as reward.