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National Curriculum Too Soft

Clearly the Government is right in promoting standards at an early age.   But are they starting too late? Children of three have already picked up some quite inappropriate words. Personally I think the way to stop the rot is compulsory moral education for all pregnant women. Then the real question remains.   How are we going to ensure that standards are maintained, and not subverted, by wishy-washy young teachers? I do hope some appropriate testing measures are put in place so that our three-year olds can be an example to the rest of Europe and particularly America.

Mrs. N. Morcombe
The Nook, Upper Puckering

Editors Link: BBC News Story

Baby Sitting

I want to wish Wendy well in her new venture,  and hope she can forgive my little boys for being such terrors. I’m sure they had nothing to do with her decision. If there are other people out there who can baby sit, please let me know.

Mrs. L. Robbins
3 Wythe Terrace, Lower Puckering

Boys' Education

Rather than have boys read more adventure books, we should try to make them more like girls. If we banned the kind of nonsense that Colonel Bratherton is promoting, we would all be better off. We should read nice books, not books full of people killing each other. I personally think that parents would not allow their children to read Shakespeare (highly over-rated!)  if they realized how rude it was. It doesn't seem to help the Scots, but I suggest a uni-sex national school uniform of the kilt, as a way of reducing boys' violent behavior.

Mrs. L. Stenhouse
15 Arundel Close, Lower Puckering

Editors Link: BBC News Story