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Buying Favour in the Village

The rich think that they can buy favour by throwing a few crumbs to 'good' causes. The so-called lady at the so-called great house should know that the hearts of the proletariat are not so easily bought.

Come the day of reckoning it will be the brothers and sisters of the world passing judgement, and we'll be sitting on the left.

Arthur 'Red' Covers
The Kremlin, Railway Lane, Lower Puckering

Knobbly Lyles ate my Hamster

The latest outrage perpetrated by Knobbly Lyles will come as no surprise to those that remember him from Junior school. He was a bully and a brute and all those in Mrs. MacLean's 3C class will never forgot the loss of our beloved class pet. Knobbly Lyles is a very bad man.

Amanda Betersly
13 Mousebeck Hollow, Lower Puckering



Drugs the Scourge of Society

The police in Puckering should be commended for working to keep the village drug free. Drugs dull the brain. We should have no patience with those that use them.

Emma Knytleigh
Stoney Grove

No Mannas

Pity our community looking for solace from the church. Instead of promoting spiritual values the Reverend Banks confuses manna with mammon. Does the church now accept Visa or worse yet, American Express?

Nigel Morcombe
The Nook, Upper Puckering