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Puckering Draws Again!
Puckering drew their second game of the season on Saturday, but it could have been so much more. Dominant defensively due to the frightening tackling of Knobbly Lyles, the Irregulars actually managed three goals in the first half. The first was a controversial penalty and this was followed by the opposition scoring an own goal. It was the third strike that had Manager Bert Walsham purring with pleasure however. Forward Ferdinand struck a beautiful volley with his left foot that crashed into the net. Ferdinand is right-footed, but the goal convinced him that for all these years he had been a secret lefty. His continued efforts to strike with his left met with pathetic,  and sometimes comic results, sending the squirrels in the trees scurrying for their nuts.  In the end, he injured himself and was substituted.

With fifteen minutes left, Knobbly was sent off and, like the light in a Tuscan sky, the game abruptly changed. Possibly still upset over the dog incident (see Front Page), he walked up to the referee and head-butted him after being called for a foul. Upon recovery, the ref sent him off and the game continued, only for the opposition to score 3 times for the resulting draw. Bert Walsham was ecstatic. "We've never started the season with two draws before. Of course what Knobbly did was unacceptable, though we need to hear his side of the story. I thought that if he hadn't been sent off, and they hadn't scored that last one, we could have won." -- Lumpy Gaites

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